10 Top Blockchain startups in 2019


Edgecoin is utilizing the blockchain to disrupt education. This startup is building a token that will store all academic & job records, qualifications, skills, and certificates. Transparent, fast, cost-efficient and trustworthy are only some of the attributes that they are already linked with Edgecoin. Using the technology of an ERC-20 Token, Edgecoin will also prevent fraud in job hiring processes and much more.

ODEM is the world’s first blockchain-driven software platform built on top of Ethereum’s decentralized ledger technology. Using the power of blockchain technology and its smart contract-based payment platform, ODEM aims to make blended education more affordable, accessible, verifiable, and transferable by leveraging blockchain technology and Ethereum’s ERC-20 based ODEM Tokens (ODE). It will enable students and professors to interact directly and participate in the exchange of education and learning, without the involvement of intermediaries. This means more access to quality education at a lower cost, which will eventually help to reduce the educational gap for millions of students globally.
In ODEM’s presale and main token event in early 2018, ODEM sold approximately 100 million ODE (about 10,000 ETH, which was worth about $10 million at the time).


Electrify Network aims to empower people through digital technology, in a community economy, to freely and efficiently produce and consume, and securely trade green electricity in a decentralized network.
This new technology startup aims to bring the process of investing in smart micro-grids deployment, transactive energy marketplaces, and self-sustained smart cities development, to grass-root level.


meVu is a decentralized, peer-to-peer gaming application that will allow players to test their skills and compete individually or in pooled games. This new startup is innovating in the online betting space by facilitating competition between players, testing their skill and knowledge against other people, not a faceless casino or bookie. In fact, it allows players to create custom social bets or bets predicting the outcomes of popular sporting events, including but not limited to: European and American Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, MMA and Boxing.


Debitum Network is a blockchain-based lending platform that focuses on facilitating loans and investments. To ensure its uniqueness and disruptiveness as well as its positive results on smalling the credit gap, the platform is based on three important pillars: true decentralization, hybrid connecting crypto, and fiat and a trust-based network.
Risk assessment, insurance, and debt collection, loan applications, and investment options are all handled on the blockchain. In addition, thanks to the latest DLT technology, transactions are handled quickly and securely.

Incubators and coworking spaces

Dar Blockchain (or the Blockchain House) is a collaborative workspace where students, freelancers, startups, and small businesses, connect in order to create innovative work and conquer their goals. Its main goal is to build a global community around blockchain technology, partnering with several hubs such that Starfish Hub, in San Francisco.
With a vibrant place located in Tunisia, Dar Blockchain in now aiming to create more Blockchain Houses as a first step in Africa and then worldwide, creating a decentralized network of incubators and co-working spaces all over the world.


Shivom is aiming to build the world’s largest DNA database. In fact, it wants to help individuals manage their own Genomic data. The startup offers the first ever integrated solution for patients and genome data donors where everybody will be able to have their genome sequenced and securely stored. This ecosystem will also create an open web-marketplace for other providers like patient-support groups, patient-support groups, pharmaceuticals, patient-support groups, insurance companies, and even  governments to add their apps and services, alongside genomic data analytics and personalized medicine.

Nano Vision is trying to empower citizens from all over the globe to step up and lend their efforts to furthering disease-prevention research and development. Through blockchain’s inherently decentralized solution, the Nano Vision Cure Platform enables scientists to share their research and collaborate on an open, global scale, and be financially rewarded for doing so. It also empowers everyday consumers to fund and direct funding toward cures that matter to them. In addition, it’s certainly a new way of payment and reward model to increase access to healthcare at affordable costs and to fuel new steps in the research process.

Online Recruitment

The Dock protocol aims to solve the fundamental data hoarding problem (from centralized platforms) by implementing a protocol that actually encourages data exchange between platforms. The Dock protocol will allow users to take control of their data and exchange it between applications thanks to the secure Ethereum mainchain, data encryption, as well as the token model. The Dock token model will simultaneously motivate applications to exchange information by making it beneficial for both platforms involved in the transaction.
Both the users and the applications primary needs are met. As a consequence, users get full control of their data, and applications receive compensation for data exchange.
Earlier 2018, Dock has raised around $20m in their recent token sale.

App Development

Buddy is an app store for developers, by developers. The platform give access to more than 80 carefully crafted automation actions that help users develop and deploy software. The actions are arranged into pipelines, in order to make building, testing and deploying just a matter of a few clicks.
To further extend accessibility, the platform is open to third-party developers, who can deliver their own actions within the Buddy ecosystem and use them in their own development automation pipelines.
Buddy has already partnered with cloud leaders like GitHub, Google Cloud, Azure, and Aws Marketplace.

Honorable Mention: Agriculture

Fieldcoin is developing a platform using blockchain technology in order to connect landowners with crowdfunding investors while enabling fast and cheaper transfers of land property to individuals and companies. Its mission is to bring the blockchain technology to land property transactions and agricultural crowdfunding projects while creating a stable transaction instrument to ease the process of land and agribusiness acquisition using IoT, Blockchain technology, 4.0 Agribusiness Technologies and Crowdfunding.

The blockchain technology is still winning “the disruptive technology” tag and more startups are shifting towards it. However, the real question for this year is about the conformity of laws with blockchain and crypto technology.

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