How it Works

The time spent on training your people can be daunting. This time is spent asking lots of questions, and often those questions become repetitive and offer little intelligence. This site simply puts the questions into neat little chunks that are able to ascertain, quickly and easily, the level of training needed.

Let’s say for example you are going to train a bunch of engineers on Microservices. You aren’t sure the level of exposure to Microservices that they need. So you go to the Assessment.Store site, enter the email addresses of the students, and within a day or so you have the following questionnaires, along with a simple analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the students.

Here is a sample of the questionnaire:

Then, you can log into Assessment.Store and get reporting on each classes’ results, and send certain reports to your customer:

Once the class is complete, a post-assessment process or a different email can be sent can be sent to evaluate a ton of information about the class, the material, and the instructor. Of course, reviews (as is other components) are up to you to decide if they are forwarded to students.


This can be combined into a Learning Path, so that the students have an automated way of learning, and a review process to help them (and you) keep track of progress.